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Cambodia is an incredibly beautiful country. There is a lot to see and experience. From the world-famous Angkor Wat to islands such as Koh Rong and from wonderful coastal towns such as Kep to unknown temples such as Banteay Srei. You will find it all here. Add to that the incredibly friendly locals, and you have the ideal mix for a beautiful tour or holiday.Siem Reap is the closest city to Angkor. But it is by no means the only temple that has survived.

Costa Rica

“Rich Coast”, that was the name Christopher Columbus gave to Costa Rica when he discovered it in 1502. This country is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and therefore has many kilometers of beaches, but also tropical forests and several volcanoes. Costa Rica was one of the first countries to install cable cars in the rainforest to better observe the fauna and flora without having too much of an impact on it.


Jordan is surprisingly versatile, from Roman cities such as Jerash, the desert landscape of Wadi Rum, the rock-cut city of Petra, with no less than 800 buildings, facades, tombs baths and temples, the Grand Canyon of Dana, the canyon of Wadi Mujib , where you can walk through the water between the huge orange rocks, the Dead Sea and the beautiful flora of the Red Sea. A country that has been a meeting place for many cultures over the centuries.


Tahiti is one of the most famous exotic islands in French Polynesia. With a rich underwater world with colorful fish, stingrays and sharks. The islands are rougher than is often thought. Many of these islands have volcanic origins, resulting in steep hills and even mountains. And they are remarkably green due to the lush vegetation. Which gives a special mix in combination with the white beaches and the clear, blue sea water.


Spitsbergen is the largest island of the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard. It is often referred to as "The Land of the Midnight Sun". It is also known as 'The Wildlife Capital of the Arctic'. Early in the season from April to June is the best time to see pack ice and polar bears, although polar bears are common all year round. November-February is the best time to experience the Northern Lights, while May-September is the best time to admire the Midnight Sun.

Normandy - Rouen (France)

Rouen is the capital of Normandy and it shows. The city has a particularly rich history. Rouen is also the city of 100 bell towers. Everywhere you see churches, towers and chapels. Monet was inspired by the Cathedral of Our Lady: he made his Cathedrals there, an impressive series of impressions of the facade of the cathedral. You can take wonderful walks on the banks of the Seine.

Wachau Valley - Abbey of Melk (Austria)

When the rising sun illuminates Melk Abbey, a colossal and wonderfully beautiful monument is brought to life. Melk Abbey is the symbol of the Wachau Valley and its steep, terraced vineyards overlooking the Danube. The centrepiece of this complex is the library, its main hall boasting 16,000 volumes and graced with a ceiling fresco by Paul Troger. A spiral staircase leads to another set of 12 library rooms not open to the public but containing more than 100,000 volumes, 

Bordeaux (France)

Bordeaux is a fabulous city situated on the Garonne River. The river snakes and curves its way through the city creating a crescent like area called the Port de la Lune, a marvellous place for strolling, jogging, or cycling. A city of graceful streets made for wandering, elegant in the most French of styles, a place where you can eat well and drink better, lively, dynamic and full of good grace – Bordeaux is a very special city indeed.

Lamego (Portugal)

Located about 12 km from the banks of the Douro, Lamego experienced a period of great prosperity in the 18th century when it produced the refined wine that would be the precursor to the famous Port wine. The church of the Convento de Santa Cruz, with a view over the city, is particularly worth seeing. Located at an altitude of 600 meters, the church has a beautiful monumental Baroque sanctuary, dedicated to Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.


Croatia is like a gift from the Gods, the most beautiful beaches, one of the most beautiful seas in the world, no less than 8 national parks and a cultural heritage to say the least. Croatia is like a pearl necklace of enchanting islands, inviting harbor towns and lovely bays. And then we haven't even mentioned the delicious grill dishes, the Dalmatian ham, fresh sardines, sheep cheese and delicious wines.


Iceland is truly unique and cannot be compared to any other country. Large parts are still untouched. Moreover, nowhere else can you find such a wide variety of impressive landscapes and natural phenomena in a relatively small area. And then there are the dormant volcanoes, miles of craters, immense glaciers, waterfalls in all shapes and sizes, beautiful table mountains, bird cliffs rising steeply from the sea and much more.